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Our Mission Statement: 
No two projects are the same. We don't believe in a one price fits all mentality. It is always our goal to provide accurate, efficient, stunning, but realistic design work all at and reasonable price. It is our goal to always try and meet your expectation or go above it for your landscaping needs!

Our Services

*Lawn Maintenance: We will maintain your lawn all year long with contract or not. Our basic lawn maintenance package includes moving, trimming, weed eating and blowing. 
Paint/ Drywall: we pride ourselves on beating any prices in the market.

Average yard sizes (up to 3000 sq ft of land area)

Basic Weekly Service (for most yards) starts at $25 per week.
Basic Bi-Weekly Service (for most yards) starts at $35.00 every 2 weeks.  

Larger yards will incur slightly higher charges.
Additional charges are listed below to be added to the Basic Weekly or Bi-Weekly Services.

Yards that are 3001-4000 sq ft (+$5.00 to $10.00)
Yards that are 4001-5000 sq ft (+$10.00 to $30.00)

*Yards larger than 5000 sq ft (call us for a quote) we charge $65 to $105 per acre 43,560 sq ft. 

*All prices are subject to change due to the need for additional services to reflect what you would like to accomplish for your landscaping project.

Mowing: We use commercial grade 4-cycle Toro and Honda mulching lawnmowers that are unsurpassed in their quality of cut. 
Edging: Your lawn will be edged when needed with an 8” steel blade or line trimmer. 
Line Trimming: We line trim around your borders, fences, and obstacles in your lawn. 
Blowing: We blow sidewalks and other concrete areas clear of debris upon completion. 
Equipment: We use the best equipment that is made from companies like Toro, Honda, RedMax, and Stihl. Caring about the environment, we also purchase the models that are the cleanest burning and quietest running in their classes. In fact, 100% of our everyday use equipment meets CARB Tier II compliancy – the strictest level of emission control for lawn/garden equipment.
*ONE TIME LAWN CLEAN UP SERVICE: This service is for those that need a one time ONLY lawn and property cleaning. You may be having a wedding, party, event, need help getting your yard to a comfortable position where you can maintain it yourself or maybe you need help to bring your yard up to code with city ordinance. Whatever the case may be doing a big project like this can feel very overwhelming. Regardless of the reason call us! We can help. 
*Exact pricing is not available for this job. We must provide you with an estimate for accurate pricing. 



*Lawn Installation/ Landscaping Creating/Designing: We will professionally install a lush lawn for you. We ensure the correct sod for your climate or area. Looking for something a little more luxurious? We can also help create your backyard oasis, no job is too big or too small!

                                                      Before                                               After

*Flower Beds and Gardens: 
We can install colorful flower beds, using creative designs that include accent pieces if you wish (i.e.. rocks, ponds, etc)

*Seasonal Clean Up/Leaf Clean Up: Do Hate raking leaves or hauling off debris? Leave it to us! Pricing is based on the size of the clean-up. For accurate pricing call us today to schedule your FREE estimate. 

*Bush/Tree Trimming or Removal: We will leave your bushes and/or trees looking beautiful and designed just how you like. Or if you would like to have a bush or tree removed from yard we can do that too.

*Aeration/ Winter Service: We can help your landscaping look beautiful by aerating your soil so that water can reach the root. Great around trees! We have found that aerating or our monthly winter service is the most efficient way to keep on top of your leaves and keep your property looking good throughout the winter. Leaves that accumulate on the ground can prohibit the grass from absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients that is needs for a long, dormant winter. Leaves are mulched or bagged as necessary and removed from all lawn areas (these areas include: front curb, front porch, driveway, rear patio, and the alley). This ensures water and sunlight reach your lawn area to help it prepare for next Spring.

*Gutter Cleaning/ Power Washing : Don't hassle with trying to clean your gutters or outside windows. It can be frustrating, time consuming, and dangerous. We can do it for you!

*Paint and Drywall; our prices start out at 95 dollars a sq. foot. This includes install, tape, bed, texture, and paint. please call or email for prices on interior or exterior painting. 

Other Services We Offer 
*Property Management *Painting *Make-ready *Home Repairs *Deck Building
*Fence Installation/Repair *Concrete Work *Cabinets* Handyman

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